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      One of the many advantages of using Renova Briquettes is that the consumption of our product contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

      The reason is that compared to products such as pig iron or sinter, products that use intensive electrical energy userica or coal in the manufacturing process, our process (cold briquetting) does not require the use of temperature. 

      Another factor is that when the chip is briquetted, a large amount of cutting oil is separated and recycled during the process, preventing the material from being "burned" during the briquette melting process.


      Furthermore, our briquetting equipment is state-of-the-art, with low electricity consumption per ton produced.

      For these reasons, the consumption of Renova Briquettes can enable a reduction of up to 10% in greenhouse gas emissions.

      In addition to this reduction, each ton of Renova Briquette consumed represents A PROPORTIONAL REDUCTION IN landfillING.

      Our mission is the continuous development of processes and technologies thaaim to reduce CO2 emissions, landfillING and environmental liabilities.

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